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Life is getting pretty damn hard to move on with, with no transport, not being able to find a job within a bus journey. And trust me, I've been trying. There's also so much you can take of living out of boxes and having to sleep around everyone else's schedule.

I will be selling several deer and other furs, but the one I'm really hesitating on is my black beauty, my white tipped back yoter Akkarin - (not the best picture of him, he really is much, much better in person)…

and I'd like your general opinion - also, a guide on how much you think I should sell him for. The car I've got my eye on is around £800-900 second hand in full working order, plus I still need to take (and pass!) my practical. So I need to raise at least that much, so I can get a damn job and move on with life. Obviously I'm not asking that much for him. But a good chunk of it towards for me to consider selling my boy.
Although I will never ever get the chance to own a white tipped melanistic again, he's not really helping me to live and love folded up in a box.

Your thoughts, please? :3 General price range, and if you're interested.

*Edit* Forgot to mention, unless you have a middle man, I can legally only ship within the UK and EU.
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SargeantSweety Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm wonderig if anyone in this group sells fur scraps ((not trimmings cuz those are too thin )). I'm looking for blue frost/indigo fox fur scraps that I want to use to make bracers and partial gloves and shoe coverings with. I cant find these things ANYWHERE in the internet ;___; its nuts. Thanks for your time hoping to hear from you asap since it'll be halloween in a few weeks D:
lamelobo Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Looking for a white/or lighter..ivory etc. wolf make a pouch with..prefer claws in...will pay or trade...i live in the US. please note me if any one has one they want to find a home for? :)
Koijot Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Okay so this has been driving me crazy for such a long time and i have not been able to get an answer from anyone yet. 
How do some of you get in touch with your trappers? 
I see so many other taxidermists have connections with trappers but i have yet to get an answer as too how they have found this trapper and how they have gotten in contact with them, is there a website? did you google something? 
I would LOVE to get in contact with a trapper, currently i use hideandfur the most but would really like to have more options
thank you very much! 
FrontierFurs Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
I'm surprised nobody has answered this, but if you'd like to get in touch with trappers, try contacting your state Trapper's Association. All states have one, you'll have to look it up for your state and either phone call or email their president or regional director for your area.  They can most likely put you in contact with a trapper or two who can help you out. Joining the association would be a good option too, even if you're not a trapper yourself it will help you stay in the loop on fur market happenings and most of these groups also host gatherings and events where you can buy fur or meet trappers from all over the state! It's well worth it. I'm a trapper myself and am very active in my state's association as well. 

Koijot Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
thank you so much! i've been waiting for a reply to this question (and i've asked a LOT of people too) 
I live in florida and to my knowledge we only have (for canines) coyotes, red foxes and grey foxes. 
Which is okay, i adore the different coyote pelts and need to get a red fox one as well however thats not a huge variety 
So i guess my next question would be, other than trappers, what about ranchers? I know ranches have a large variety of foxes with beautiful pelts (and i know they get very expensive) however i also see that ranch pelts are not usually taxidermy quality, at least the ones circling the sale market seem to be wall hangers. Do you know if ranches work like a trapper would, where you can get in contact with them and be able to purchase the pelt right from them and make sure it gets tanned the way you want it (by sending it to a tanner yourself i'm sure)
Sorry for all the questions but i thought of another one while typing. For the tappers association and the events, do trappers tend to travel out of the state to get their pelts and bring them back? or should i look into other states trapper associations? 
(in the meantime im going to go run off and try to look more in to my states trapper association) 

thank you so very much for your time and knowledge, i am extremely grateful!
FrontierFurs Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
I live in Florida too I can easily get you connected with the FL Trappers Association, after all I'm one of their regional directors for the central FL area! Here is their website:…  My own email address is toward the bottom (my name is Ellie) so feel free to write to me from there and I'll gladly help you out!

And yes, we do have coyotes and both types of fox here, however the foxes are protected in this state and can only be harvested if you have a special permit to take them off a specific property. It's rare to get this permit for them so the majority of fox skins I use do come from out of state. I don't specifically travel out of state to get them, rather I just purchase them from other fur companies. I don't use a lot of mountable skins for my work (mostly I make hats and crafts so wallhangers are perfect for my needs)  

Ranchers work differently, though, and are a bit harder to get in contact with unless you can luck into making connections with the right people. We don't have any fox farms in Florida (the climate isn't right for properly raising fox or other furbearers) so it's definitely harder to get ranch fox for taxidermy purposes unless you can find a rancher specifically selling them to taxidermists, which usually happens during the winter pelting season. I would suggest following the forums on as I've seen a few ranchers selling taxidermy-quality pelts on there. Some people here on DA also sell them on occasion, which is how I got my one sun glow fox for a personal soft mount project. 

Some trappers around here do go out of state to harvest certain animals, though most only trap within Florida. Personally, I run about a 7-mile trapline each winter, just up the road from where I live :) 
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TheSketchhog Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I dunno if this is gonna be a long shot, but would anybody here be willing to trade skulls or fox tails for art? o:
lamelobo Featured By Owner Edited Mar 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
i have some bear taxidermy things for sale. forms, open mouth, and other things here is the link nmore info is also in my journal thank you kindly lobo 
Shadowandgold Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
If anyone has a mountable sheep or lamb will they please send me a message? I'm searching high and low.
If you have any mountable pelts at all for a reasonable price contact me!!! :3
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